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Stimulus: Millions will see extra payments in 4 states

There are millions of residents who can soon expect even more stimulus cash worth up $1,000 across four different states.

stimulus check or stimulus payment mailed to residents in the U.S.

This is thanks to tax laws surrounding budget surpluses.

When the budget has excess funding, often times that surplus will go back to the taxpayer in the form of tax refunds.

Many payments will automatically be distributed to individuals by check or direct deposit.

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Here are 4 states giving extra stimulus payments to their residents


With a budget surplus of over $45.7 billion dollars, Governor Gavin Newsom plans to send much of that money back to residents.

This is following their second round of Golden State Stimulus checks where millions saw state checks throughout 2021.

Newsom called this payment an additional rebate to the taxpayers.


Teachers will be thanked for their dedication and hard work in the form of a stimulus payment.

Last year they were given bonuses worth $1,000.

This year it looks like the same bonus will be given out.

3,600 principals and 175,000 teachers are going to receive these payments.

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Once qualifying Indiana residents file their state tax return, they can expect a $125 refund.

The law requires the state to give refunds if the excess reaches over 12.5% of the general funding pot.

Right now there is $4 billion in the state’s reserves.

The last time this refund was sent was 2013.

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New York State

Anyone who lost their job and didn’t get stimulus cash because of their immigration status may get stimulus cash from the Excluded Workers Fund.

90,000 people applied for this program.

Those eligible must have an income under $26,208 for the year 2020.

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