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Everything you need to know to renew your passport in New York City

You make plans, book hotels, and schedule all the other activities. Now, you come to the tickets, and the system asks you for a passport number and the expiration date.

Then it hits you – you have a passport to renew. You freak out, wondering what would happen to your already made reservations.

Here’s another scenario – you are a C-Suite executive doing the hard yards in New York’s lush corporate landscape. You need to be in London for a meeting only to realize that your passport has expired. Amidst all the chaos, the busy schedules, and jumping from one meeting to another, you’ve forgotten to take a look at your passport’s expiry date.

So what happens when you need to renew your passport in New York State? Here are all the options you have.

Visiting the Government Agency

A government agency will be the first thought in your mind when renewing a passport. You will need first to make an appointment and visit the facility. Here, an authorized agent will review the documents, and the form and the documents will be placed in an envelope and sealed.

But there’s a problem.

The routine method of getting your passport renewed through the government agency offices will take at least eight weeks. With the delays and the backlog that came with the COVID-19 situation, the official note is that it can take even more time, somewhere between 8 and 11 weeks.

 However, considering that more people need a faster service on their passports, an expedited service is also available. According to the official website, passengers who need an urgent passport or an urgent renewal can schedule an appointment at the New York Passport Agency on Hudson Street.

But that too has its drawbacks. While the standard service is extended to eight weeks, the expedited service will also be between 5 to 7 weeks.

So at this point, it all seems like you won’t be making that trip you’ve waited for so long or make the business appointment. That’s where Travel Visa Pro can come to your help!

The Travel Visa Pro solution!

When the state agencies give up on you, Travel Visa Pro in New York City has a solution waiting for you. Instead of relying on the routine process, the team at Travel Visa Pro can help you get your new passport or renew your expiring travel documents in record time.

You can find the offices near Grand Central, and with the proper documents in hand, the chances are that you will still make that long-awaited vacation and that business trip.

Thanks to the emergency passport service, you can even get your renewed passport to your hand in less than a few days.

But, you’ll need to ensure you provide all the documents on the checklist along with two identical passport size photographs. Do note that as of November 1st, the US Passport Agency requires photos to be taken without any glasses. If you find trouble getting photos, Travel Visa Pro also helps with the pictures. Visit the website to find out what documents are required.

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