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Just published! Eminent Riparians: Biographical sketches of Finger Lakes luminaries and leading lights, by Richard L. Hermann

Eminent Riparians, author Richard Hermann’s 15th book, encompasses more than 50 biographies of some of the most prominent individuals who either hail from the Finger Lakes or spent considerable time here on their way to national prominence and, in many cases, global fame. The book consists of seven parts: The Iroquois; The Land Barons; Nineteenth Century VIPs; The Burned-Over District; The Rights Revolutionaries; Twentieth Century Riparians; and The Moguls. Biographical sketches include: Hiawatha, Harriet Tubman, Millard Fillmore, Joseph Smith, Frederick Douglass, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, William Seward, Humphrey Bogart, John D. Rockefeller, and Carl Sagan, among many others.

Here is what one reviewer says about Eminent Riparians:

“It is nearly impossible to be everything to everybody, but Richard Hermann’s new book, Eminent Riparians, demonstrates that there is always that possibility. Richard Hermann has given us a …nearly encyclopedic, look at people the Finger Lakes terroir has produced over the past three-plus centuries. Here are the biographical sketches of the famous and familiar; the not-so-famous (but important) and the un-familiar—people, who in their own ways, have made our world what it is. They are people you ought to know, or know better. They come from every field of intellect and endeavor. A few are even villains! Their stories are written in a style that is nearly conversational. You may imagine Mr. Hermann sitting in one of your easy chairs. You will find it hard to put this book, down!”

–Preston E. Pierce, Ontario County

Historian Author Richard Hermann can be contacted at 703-927-9465 or [email protected].

You can purchase Eminent Riparians from the Ontario County Historical Society or at