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Tax Return: Pets and claiming them on your tax return

Taxpayers consider their pets part of their family and some people even have insurance for them, but can you claim them on your return with the IRS?

service dog that can be claimed under certain deductions with the IRS on your tax return

While they do not count as dependents in the eyes of the IRS, there are very limited situations where you can claim expenses related to them.

Pets get expenses between the costs of raising them and then when they need surgeries or medical attention.

There are some credits available on your 2021 tax returns.

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Here are all the ways pets can earn you credits on your tax return

If a pet works and earns you money you need to report it on your tax return.

Keep track of your expenses to report the correct amounts in case you’re audited.

Businesses related to pets

If you’re a breeder you can deduct business expenses like you would for any other business.

It could be for food, vet bills, and other expenses that go with maintaining the breeding of animals.

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Celebrity pets

Some pets are famous, and they make their owners a lot of money.

They do this by appearing in media like calendars, tv shows, and commercials.

It costs money to feed, maintain, and take care of them.

These costs can be deducted.

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

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Animals working for a business

Dogs are sometimes used as protection in businesses, so the cost to take care of them can be deducted.

This type of dog needs to be a certified guard dog.

Farm dogs count as well when they work as a laborer for shepherding other animals.

Service animals

Service animals help people with health issues, and this can be deducted from your taxes.

These types of animals aren’t considered pets.

Normally dogs are the types of animals used for service, but it can be any animal trained to provide assistance to a person with a disability.

Documentation is needed from a professional verifying it is a service animal.

Donating to animal shelters

You can donate tax-exempt to animal shelters and charities that may then be deducted from your tax return.

It can be money, food, or items animals need.

Volunteering is not deductible.

Fostering animals is not deductible either.

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