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Food Stamps: SNAP benefits after storms and disasters

Many times individuals are able to collect extra food stamps following a storm or mass power outage.

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After homes sustain damage from flooding, tornadoes, and other types of storms, people need financial assistance.

This means those who may normally qualify could see additional support.

This information comes as millions of Americans suffered damages and power outages thanks to storms in 2021.

34 states to see extra benefits

How to get extra food stamps in the SNAP program

The reason SNAP gives extra food stamps is to make up for the loss of food that may have occurred during a disaster.

Disasters include fires, flooding, loss of power, and equipment failing, like refrigerators and freezers.

The amount you can get isn’t going to be more than what you get in a month.

It will be enough to replace food lost in the storm.

Millions see emergency SNAP today

Recipients are entitled to funds within 10 days of food loss.

You must sign an affidavit to receive food stamp replacements.

After being approved, the benefits are loaded onto your current EBT card.

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Additional support aside from food stamps for storm victims

Tennessee residents suffered a storm in Dec. 2021 and those who aren’t on food stamps can still get help.

They may apply for the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for food.

This program replaces food lost in a disaster.

The USDA must approve a state’s request for this assistance to its residents.

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What can I buy with my SNAP benefits?

Regular SNAP recipients do not qualify for this specific program.

Applications for this assistance in Tennessee close today, Feb. 18.

Low income families may also qualify for cash assistance.

They can get up to $1,000.

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