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Bill to protect health care providers who defy COVID-19 treatment guidelines

This bill would protect health care personnel who prescribe or dispense unproven medication for COVID-19.

supplies to treat COVID-19

This is currently being discussed by Idaho legislature.

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So what does this mean?

This bill would stop licensing boards from taking disciplinary actions against medical prescribers when the action is based only on their recommendations to patients regarding COVID-19. This includes prescribing drugs that aren’t approved by the FDA to treat COVID-19.

This bill also prevents pharmacists from blocking or trying to block a patient’s access to the unapproved drug. If the pharmacist does not want to dispense the medication, they should direct the patient to a willing pharmacist. The bill says that pharmacists’ licenses couldn’t be jeopardized by dispensing the drugs.

Ivermectin is one of the drugs. It has been tested in clinical trials but isn’t recommended for at home use. Other states have introduced similar legislation.

The legislation in Idaho says that licensing boards cannot consider a health care provider’s vaccination status.

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