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Grocery shopping: Membership prices are going up

Membership prices are being raised at these grocery chains.

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For those of you who rely on your Costco and Amazon memberships for all your grocery shopping.

You might notice a price change.

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Grocery store memberships that will be more expensive

Some groceries store such as Wegmans and Tops don’t require memberships.

Which is a convince to most of us.

For those who like to shop at store with a membership you might be disappointed by this news.

These grocery chains will be raising prices on their memberships.


Amazon will be raising its Prime membership costs.

While normally the annual fee for an Amazon Prime membership is $119 it will now be $139.

This bring up the monthly fee from $12.99 to $14.99.

Amazon Prime memberships come with perks when it comes to grocery shopping.

At stores such as Whole food, Amazon Fresh and Amazon Go.

Amazon Prime members were getting free delivery from Whole Foods.

In 2021 there was a $10 fee added to all orders.

Now with this price raise on memberships it will be even more expensive to get your orders delivered.

The company said the price raise is due to.

“The continued expansion of Prime member benefits, as well as the rise in wages and transportation costs,”.

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Costco is also raising their membership prices.

The Gold Star membership will be raised by $5.00.

The Executive membership will be raised by $10.00.

This is due to inflation and the raising prices of grocery bills.

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