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Mysterious COVID-19 variant appears in NYC wastewater

A potential new variant of COVID-19 has been found in New York City wastewater.

potential COVID-19 variant found in NYC wastewater

This newly discovered variant has distinctive mutations linking it to COVID-19.

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Is it a threat to humans?

Researchers say that there is “no evidence” that this linage of COVID-19 could become a risk to humans. This wastewater variant has been circulating for about a year. Additional details are available here.

Some of New York City’s researchers found that:

  • They’re still unsure where this potential variant came from
  • They suspect the lineages may be coming from people who are infected with the coronavirus but aren’t captured by genetic sequencing
  • The lineages could be coming from infected animals, including rats

Researchers still haven’t been able to pin down the source of this potential variant.

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