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IRS: Incorrect child tax credit letter and what to do

Americans started filing their tax returns on Jan. 24 with the IRS, but millions depended on a letter sent by the IRS detailing the child tax credit. Now, some are realizing they received wrong letters.

IRS tax return forms you file for a return and to claim child tax credits, which some people received incorrect letters for

The letters, called Letter 6419, started going out in Dec. 2021.

The issue is that some of the letters may not accurately report what a person received in advanced payments.

This means if they rely on an incorrect letter, their tax return will be incorrect and cause a delay.

The IRS said the information on a small number of letters may be outdated.

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Why did the IRS send outdated child tax credit letters to Americans?

The IRS released the warning because of the impact incorrect information may have on a tax return.

If you file a return with incorrect amounts you could face a delay that lasts months.

The reason for this happening, according to the IRS, is that people moved or changed bank accounts during the month of Dec.

If a taxpayer switched bank accounts before the letters were sent, checks become undeliverable which resulted in the direct deposit bouncing.

The mistake is expected to only impact a small number of Americans.

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How to file taxes with an incorrect letter

If you go to the IRS website straight to your account, you will see the correct information you need. can also offer help and tools.

The IRS child tax credit update portal also has a record of any payments you may have received.

If the information in your portal matches your letter, your letter is correct.

You may ask for the IRS to trace your missing payment if you do not see it in your portal or never received it.

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