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Student loans: Forgiveness for frontline healthcare employees

If you’re in the healthcare field, it may be worth checking to see if you can get student loan forgiveness.

money wrapped with a sticker that says "student loan debt" representing student loan forgiveness

The U.S. is still digging itself out of the financial issues caused by the pandemic that began two years ago.

A new bill was recently introduced that will help healthcare workers get rid of their student loans.

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The Student Loan Forgiveness Front Line Healthcare Workers Act

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney introduced the bill.

The bill will create a private and federal student loan forgiveness program. The loans need to be specifically for a medical education.

Included are fees for medical school, nursing school, and various medical programs.

The bill is covering individuals with these types of education that have made contributions to the pandemic.

Student loans: How to get forgiveness

What kind of a contribution needs to be made for the student loan forgiveness?

Different factors decide what counts as a contribution.

One factor is how many hours the person has worked.

The type of care they have provided patients matters.

Any medical researched completed matters.

Those who have helped with things like testing and improving the state of the system in regard to things like capacity will also qualify.

Borrowers may be eligible to eliminate debt

Professions that can apply for the loan forgiveness

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Medical researchers
  • Lab employees
  • Healthcare workers responding to the pandemic
  • Those who have left their other work to focus on supporting the pandemic

This bill has not passed, and needs to go further before becoming law.

It needs to go through the House of Representatives, the Senate, and finally President Joe Biden.

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