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Girl Scout cookies shortage

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This Girl Scout cookie is quickly disappearing.

Who doesn’t Cookie season?

Their newest addition “Adventurefuls” might be hard to find.

Little Debbie ice cream?

The newest Girl Scout cookie

The new cookie to scouts line up is the Adventurefuls.

Adventurefuls are cookies inspired by brownies with caramel crème with a hint of sea salt.


Why are these Girl Scout cookies so hard to find?

Adventurefuls might not be available in certain areas.

With super high demand and unexpected staff shortages in places where Adventurefuls are made.

The cookie order will be capped at 7% of the scouts total cookie sales.

Its more likely that you will be able to order these directly from a scout than form a booth.

The organization tried to fix the problem by reaching out to additional bakers to source their cookies.

But they still wont be ready for booth season sales.


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