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Internet routers and how to keep them safe

Its important to keep your internet routers secure.

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With almost the whole world being online you never really know what is lurking online.

Here is how to make sure your internet routers are safe and secure.

How to keep your data safe on personal devices

A guide to your internet router

Understand how your router works.

In a single household, with several family members normally on a variety of devices.

Such as PCs, smart phones, laptop, tablets and a variety of smart home technology.

The router forms a connection between the internet and these gadgets to create a network.

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

Google accused of tracking users data

How to keep your internet routers secure

So now that you understand your router its time to learn how to keep them safe.

These are some things you can do

  • Update the router’s firmware
  • Turn the encryption settings on so that your traffic remains unreadably to other users.
  • Think of a powerful password for your router’s administrator.
  • Always change the passkey for your WIFI network connections.
  • Change the Network ID to protect your router’s model and your location
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