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Food stamps: 5 more things you can get with SNAP benefits

Food stamps, or SNAP benefits, help low income families purchase food, but there are some other benefits people may get with their EBT cards.

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Those collecting food stamps saw a permanent average increase of around $36 per person in Oct.

There are other benefits to SNAP benefits than just money for food.

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Here are 5 benefits for those on food stamps through SNAP


WIC stands for Women, Infants and Children.

The program gives extra food benefits to pregnant women and women with children.

The income requirement varies between states.

If you’re determined to be at nutritional risk by a medical professional, you may qualify.

WIC has many clinics for women to visit for free.

Moms with children under the age of 5 can qualify.

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Lifeline helps those enrolled in the SNAP program to possibly get their household bills reduced.

This can help with the cost of internet of phone services.

Families can get up to $9.25 per month off of their services, and those on Tribal lands could see as much as $34.25 off.

Affordable Connectivity Program

The pandemic created a new program known as the emergency broadband benefit.

This gave families a discount of up to $75 for broadband internet.

That program is soon ending, but the Affordable Connectivity Program can be used instead.

This program will give a discount worth up to $30 every month for internet services.

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Some individuals can rack up savings for gas on store cards when they make purchases with their EBT cards.

Some people say that they buy those items which will earn them gas points and stock up on them.

Once they earn enough points from specifically purchased items, they then use those points toward free gas.


People on food stamps get the funds put on their EBT card, but during the pandemic, the Pandemic EBT, or P-EBT, card came out.

This program provides families with school age children funds that would have paid for their lunches if school was not closed.

Many states haven’t applied or are in the middle of the application process for the funds.

The amount of time that school was closed will influence the funds for each state.

In New York state, any child who missed 1-12 days were given $82 for each month.

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