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Food stamps: $835 for families of 4 being sent

Some Americans can soon expect updated food stamp SNAP benefits payments worth as much as $835.

Grocery basket in a grocery store aisle filled with food stamp snap benefit eligible foods

42 million Americans use the SNAP program as a way to provide their families with nutritious food options.

Money is given to recipients through an EBT card each month. The money can be used like a debit card at participating retailers.

The amount individuals or families can receives depends on their state.

8 states accepting SNAP EBT cards

SNAP food stamp benefit changes for New Yorkers

Starting this weekend, New York residents saw changes to their food stamps in the form of an increase.

The food assistance program in NY received $230 million more dollars.

Governor Kathy Hochul’s goal was to help eliminate food insecurity among families as they battle the ongoing issues caused by the pandemic.

This month recipients will see the maximum allowable amount, no matter what they receive.

If people already see the maximum, they’ll get an additional $95.

How to use SNAP benefits at restaurants

How to get food stamps

You’ll need to look into the specific application process for your own state.

Every states has different rules and application procedures.

Normally families with incomes of up to 130% of the federal poverty line will see food stamps.

This means individuals making $12,880 may qualify, and families of 4 making $26,500 could qualify.

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