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Food stamps: 8 states accepting SNAP EBT cards in restaurants

41.5 million Americans benefit from food stamps through the SNAP program every month. This helps households feed their families.

signage saying "we accept food stamps" for EBT cardholders to be aware of that participate in the SNAP program

In the U.S., this is the biggest program used to help with food insecurity, and now certain areas will accept EBT cards at restaurants.

Low income people and families are able to collect food stamps.

You’ll need to apply in your state of residence.

Every state has different rules and application requirements.

Replacing a lost or stolen EBT card

Food stamps and restaurants

The SNAP restaurant meals program is new.

This program lets elderly, homeless, and disabled people on food stamps use their EBT card at certain restaurants.

The participating restaurants must offer a discounted meal price.

Prepared, hot meals in stores may not be purchased using food stamps.

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States with this SNAP program

There are 8 states that currently allow the program.

The program is available throughout most of Arizona and California.

Hawaii, Michigan, Maryland, and Rhode Island only offer the program in designated counties and cities.

Illinois and New York are working to start the program.

How to use SNAP benefits at restaurants

Who can use the program

Only certain recipients can use their EBT card at restaurants.

  • Elderly people over age 60
  • Homeless people without access to ways for preparing food
  • Disabled people who need help or means to prepare food

This is because these people may not have the opportunity to make food the way most recipients can.

Subway and McDonald’s both participate in the program in certain states.

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