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Child tax credit: Don’t make mistakes when filing tax returns

On Monday, Jan. 24, the IRS began accepting tax returns. Many parents are claiming child tax credits, and there are some mistakes they’ll want to avoid.

IRS paperwork with a calculator, pencil and toy about child tax credit

If you make mistakes on your return this year, the IRS says you run the risk of causing some major processing delays.

This means it could take months to process your return and issue your refund.

IRS: When will my tax refund be released?

What are some mistakes to avoid making when filing my return with a child tax credit this year?

First, make sure you hold onto the letter the IRS is sending which outlines your own situation with child tax credits.

The letter is called Letter 6419 and details what you received in funds from the advanced payments sent in 2021.

This help you determine what you can collect as a credit in 2022, which will likely be the second half of what you are entitled to.

Some parents opted out or did not register, so they could see a lump sum worth up to $3,600.

IRS: Keep these tips in mind while filing tax returns

Make sure the amounts you’re claiming are correct.

If you report a sum of money but it doesn’t match what you received, you aren’t likely to see your refund quickly.

That mistake will need to be fixed and you run the risk of causing a delay.

Finally, make sure you file your taxes by the deadline.

Child tax credit worth $3,600 will impact 2021 tax returns

The deadline for 2022 is April 18.

Maine and Massachusetts will see their deadline extended by one day and have a deadline for April 19.

The sooner you file your tax return the faster you will see your refund, especially with a correct return.

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