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Wynn Golf Club Review: Is it worth the $650 price?

Six-hundred and fifty dollars. That’s the cost of 18 holes at the Wynn Golf Club on the Las Vegas Strip. Is it worth the price with so many other quality options for golfers in Vegas? This Wynn Golf Club review should ease your trepidation if you are considering dropping $650 on a single round of golf.

Hole #2 at The Wynn Golf Club
The view from behind the 2nd green at Wynn Golf Club with the historic hotel & casino in the background

When you first arrive at the Wynn, you are immediately greeted by staff at the bag drop before being welcomed inside and through the legendary casino floor on the way to the Pro Shop. This was certainly a unique way to start your day of golf. But, everything to follow would also prove to be a one-of-a-kind experience.

After paying more that I ever had for a round of golf at the Pro Shop (another unique experience), we were led to the locker room where our golf shoes were cleaned and set out for us. We were offered a drink before our 11:42 AM tee time and relaxed in the luxurious environment before heading out to warm-up.

Locker Room at Wynn Golf Club
The locker room was comfortable and stunning

When leaving the clubhouse/casino and walking onto the grounds of the course, you never feel like you’ve left. Everything on the outside of the building was as well defined and laid out as the inside. Walking from the patio onto the perfectly manicured turf felt similar to stepping off the marble tile onto a carpet inside the casino.

We met our fore caddie, Nate, who had our clubs on a cart and directed us to the warm-up area. One concession when playing the Wynn Golf Club is that there is no range. Instead, a warm-up area with high quality artificial mats and a netted area similar to a large batting cage. This served as an adequate way to loosen up before the first tee.

Then, off to the gorgeous putting green tucked into the shadow of the towering Wynn Casino.

Putting Green at The Wynn
The putting green at Wynn as seen from the first tee

When we booked the tee time I was concerned that the Wynn would disappoint due to the location. The course is so tightly surrounded on all sides by giant hotels and casinos. It didn’t take me long to realize that this was actually something that made this place extra special. Picking target lines off the corner of iconic Las Vegas landmarks throughout the day felt surreal and added to the uniqueness.

It should also be noted, despite the encroaching buildings of the Vegas Strip, you truly felt like you were on a green oasis amidst the concrete and asphalt of the city. The Par 70 course never seems be “fit in” to the limited acreage. Every single hole was full and grand.

The course conditions were absolutely impeccable. Not a single blade growing higher than another. Hand mowed tees perfectly squared at the edges. Lush, rolling fairways and striking bunkers with edges so sharp you could cut your ankle. Not a single instance of burned out or off color turf.

Par Three at Wynn Golf Club
One of the 6 par threes at the Wynn

The Wynn Golf Club was easily the most manicured golf course I ever played. Conditions that would surpass an average PGA Tour stop and makes a golfer feel like they were playing a track as fine as Augusta National. Basically, as good as it gets. What made the quality even more impressive was that we played in January and the entire course was over-seeded.

The greens were stimping at 11 and were always interesting yet accessible. Of course, having Nate as our fore caddie made things a lot easier.

Green complex at The Wynn Golf Club
The greens and surrounds were perfect, accessible and interesting on all 18 holes

Nate was incredible all day. The advice and reads were spot on and easily worth 4 or 5 strokes to our benefit. He was engaged in our match and his pleasant demeanor and knowledge made the day all the more special. The services of the fore caddie are required and included in the greens fee although it is suggested to offer a minimum of a $50 tip per player following the round.

Finishing hole $ waterfall
The spectacular par three 18th hole and waterfall saves the best for last!

Is the Wynn Golf Club worth the price?

For some, paying a premium for special experiences like concerts or sporting events is something they are willing to do. I believe people like this understand they are not only paying for the cost of admission, but for the lifelong memory. If you are of the same ilk, the price tag is certainly worth the 4-5 hour facility access and round of golf. While I have played over one-thousand rounds of golf in my life, none was as spectacularly pleasant, unique and rewarding as our January afternoon at the Wynn Golf Club.

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Enjoy more photos from our round below if you are still on the fence…


Par five approach at the Wynn
The approach to a par five on the back nine


Fairway view at Wynn Golf Club
The Vegas Strip is your backdrop, including Madison Square Garden Productions new event center under construction to the left


Lining up a putt at Wynn Golf Club
Our caddie Nate helps line up a birdie putt


The first par 5 at Wynn Golf Club
The first par 5 you will encounter on the front nine. Imagine the backdrop when construction is complete.


Wynn Golf Club green & Las Vegas Strip
Another stunning green complex with well known hotel-casinos on the skyline.


First hole at Wynn Golf Club
The opening tee shot at Wynn Golf Club


Par four green complex and pond
For a desert golf course, the Wynn has plenty of water features


Tee shot at the Wynn Golf Club
Another picturesque tee shot at the Wynn Golf Club



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