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Food stamps: How to get a free tablet

Electronics are becoming more common, and now families are getting help with purchasing a tablet.

tablet being used by a person who was able to get it for free using food stamp SNAP benefits

The program, Lifeline, is helping low income working families obtain tablets as well as give discounts on broadband services.

The program aims to help people connect with their employers, family, and in some cases have the ability to contact emergency services.

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What is Lifeline?

The program helps people in every state, commonwealth, tribal land, and territory.

The overall goal is to connect consumers and internet services.

Providers taking part must have devices they provide to customers Wi-Fi enabled and able to use hotspots.

Certain providers, not all, will provide free tablets with a discounted broadband plan.

One of these providers is Q Link Wireless.

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How are people using food stamps to get the free tablet?

There are specific groups eligible to use the Lifeline program.

One of these groups is people who use food stamps and are in the SNAP program.

Others include SSI recipients, people living in federal public housing, and people on TANF through tribally administered programs.

Individuals with an income below 135% of the federal poverty like and those with a veterans pension or survivors benefit programs can also qualify.

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Who can’t get the free tablet or internet services?

This program changed its eligibility requirements in 2016.

Anyone in the national school lunch program, on TANF, a low income energy assistance program, or state created criteria will not qualify.

Where do I get the Lifeline service?

You’ll need to look at different providers to see your options.

T-Mobile teams up with Lifeline to offer discounted services.

Lifeline is available in Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington.

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