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Child Tax Credit: How much will I get in my refund?

Most people are preparing their taxes, and some are wondering how much of the child tax credit they can expect in their refund.

tax return form to submit to the IRS to receive credits like the child tax credit

The short answer is it depends, but many will see at least half of it.

Those who received payments in advance will likely see the second half of that credit in their refund.

You can start submitting your returns to the IRS on Jan. 24.

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Those who received the first half of the credit saw up to $1,800 and should see the same amount in their refund, making up for the second half.

Parents with children ages 6-17 saw $1,500 in advanced payments, meaning they should see that much in their refund.

Some parents who had higher income may have seen lesser payments due to phasing out.

If families did not register in time because they don’t normally file taxes, they may see the entire amount as a refund after they file taxes worth as much as $3,600.

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