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IRS: Tools available to help this tax season

Filing taxes with the IRS every can be tricky for some people, especially knowing that one small mistake could delay refunds by months.

IRS tax return form with receipt for claiming credits and tax deductions

Tools are available that can help diminish the stress with that process.

The tools will help get your return processed faster and your refund sent quicker.

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File early to avoid delay issues

4 tools offered to help file tax returns with the IRS

ITA, Interactive Tax Assistant

The ITA will answer questions specific to your circumstances about tax laws.

The information available covers topics like what type of income is taxed or how to claim certain credits.

Free File

The IRS offers a program for some people to file their taxes for free.

This partnership is between the IRS and tax prep companies offering their products and services for free.

You’ll start the process at

You can finish filing your return once the IRS sends you to the partner website.

The IRS will send you a confirmation once you submit the return.

Claim $15,775 from IRS after policy changes

Online account through

You can create an account online directly through the IRS which will keep you updated on your tax information.

You may view your tax records with this tool.

Approving and signing for a power of attorney can be done with this tool.

Help prevent delays with tax refund

Where’s Me Refund Tool

This is one of the most well known tools the offered.

You can track the progress of your tax return from start to finish.

You can also track your refund.

The tool updates your tax return’s progress every 24 hours.

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