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IRS: Turbo Tax won’t do IRS Free File

Intuit has participated in the IRS Free File program in the past, but this year the company owning Turbo Tax has decided they won’t be doing it.

1040 form for the IRS to file a free tax return

They previously offered free e-filing services directly through the agency’s website.

While they won’t be teaming up with the IRS this year, they will offer a free file option on their own website for 2022.

There are limits on who may use free services.

Intuit stated that the decisions allows them to find more innovative ways to help Americans. Their goal is to offer services outside of the Free File guidelines.

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Turbo Tax’s free filing services

You can only use the free services if you’re filing a simple tax return.

The free services available through Turbo Tax cover the things that you can use a 1040 for to file.

IRS: Tools available to help this tax season

The forms covered by the 1040 includes W-2s and limited 1099-INT or 1099-DIVs. Claims include standard deductions, Earned Income Credits, child tax credits, and student loan interest deductions.

Some credits and deductions can’t be claimed. Itemized deductions, unemployment income, 1099-NECs, stock sales, rental income, credits and deductions reported on schedules 1-4, charitable donations, and education expenses.

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