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RECALL: Walmart recalls 19,000 baking chips

18,885 cases of Lily’s Peppermint Flavor Baking Chips recalled after an error made the chips dangerous to some with a food allergy and those who avoid sugar.

image of baking chips Walmart put out a recall out on

The FDA-posted recall notice states some consumers noticed white candy pieces in the baking chip, which were sold only at Walmart stores.

The notice states “The white-disc-shaped candy pieces contain soy lecithin, sugar and other ingredients that are not present in Lily’s Peppermint Flavor chips. Individuals with a severe allergy to soy should not consume this product.”

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The impacted lot codes include codes starting with

  • BB and are 1/24/2023 BS through 1/28/2023 BS
  • 1/31/2021 BS through 2/04/2023 BS
  • 1/25/2023 AS through 1/28/2023 AS
  • 1/31/2023 AS through 2/04/2023 AS
  • 1/25/2023 CS through 1/27/2023 CS
  • 2/01/2023 BS through 2/03/2023 BS

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In the case that you need to return the baking chips for a refund you can do so at the store you purchased them at. Or you can fill out this contact form.


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