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RECALL: Massive recall on Bistak food products

A company forced to recall all products after rat infestation causes Salmonella concern.

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The company recalled every single food product they make due to potential Salmonella contamination caused by a rodent infestation.

Salmonella infections can be very dangerous for certain people and can even be passed on from your pets.

This is the reason we see food recalls routinely when products test positive for the pathogen.

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Bistak Enterprises Inc. and Bistak Groceries Inc. recalls every food product

The recall includes all food items sold up to December 29, 2021.

This includes “dry foods such as grains, beans, flour; grocery canned goods; fats and oils; drinks; meat products; fish products; baked goods; spices; and milk powder.”

There has been no reported cases of Salmonella infections connected with the products in this massive recall.

But the companies still advise people to avoid consuming any recalled products.

See original recall announcement here.

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Salmonella infection symptoms

Food with salmonella will not smell or taste different.

If foods with Salmonella are consumed an infection can develop within 12 to 72 hours.

The illness will pass after a few days without treatment for most people.

In some cases like with children, elderly, and people with compromised immune systems, they might see more severe symptoms develop.

Which may require medical attention.

A proper diagnosis will require testing for Salmonella.

How to protect yourself from recalled foods

  • Check to see if you have purchased any Bistak products.
  • Do not server or consume recalled food items.
  • Throw away recalled items or return them to the location purchased from.
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