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Social Security: Divorced? You may get benefits

Some people who are divorced may still be entitled to their ex spouse’s Social Security benefits.

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In some cases the benefits could be worth thousands, and may be worth looking into.

When you were divorced will play a factor in your eligibility for their benefits.

Get the maximum benefit worth $4,194

How can I get Social Security benefits from my ex if I’m divorced?

Anyone married to a qualifying spouse for at least ten years you qualify.

You may get benefits even if your ex is remarried, but you cannot be remarried.

For you to qualify for ex needs to be receiving the benefits they qualify for.

Their benefits must be of greater value to you than your own Social Security benefits.

You need to be 62 or older to claim the benefits.

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Divorce rates are the highest among couples between the ages of 55 and 64 years old.

Any benefit you get from your ex is worth up to half of their maximum benefit.

You collecting on their behalf will not impact what they or their current spouse gets.

Your Social Security benefit will likely be lowered if you receive a pension.

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