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Medicare: Changing your Supplement Plan

Medicare Supplement Plans are some of the most widely used healthcare programs in the U.S.

Medicare recipient cards spread out in a pile representing coverage for Medicare supplement plans

Mostly people over the age of 65 use Medicare, but younger adults with disabilities may have access as well.

When income and other life events change, people wonder if changing their plans is allowed.

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Will premiums be reduced in 2022?

Changing your Medicare Supplement Plan

Most policies have a six month open enrollment period.

This helps people change their minds without losing healthcare if they decide they don’t like it.

You can change your supplements any time, but it isn’t promised that any applications will be accepted if you submit it outside the open enrollment period.

Part B premium increase explained

Medicare’s open enrollment deadline

There are no deadlines because people can switch around their plans, but there are restrictions on what you can do.

Changing a plan may not help those with pre-existing health conditions if they need help with the same issues as before.

This could result in a person being denied coverage.

It’s important when switching to avoid a gap where there is no insurance between your plans.

Medicare increase eats away at COLA increase

Medicare costs

This healthcare is not free once you turn 65, which is a common misconception.

People who worked throughout their lives will get help paying for Part A.

Medicare Part B has additional monthly costs.

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