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IRS: Who gets the biggest tax refund?

Tax season for 2022 will look a bit different, and the IRS may be sending larger refunds to some.

tax return forms with a calculator and pencils to submit to the IRS for a refund

Things like the child tax credit and stimulus payments will play a role in how much people end up getting back.

Tax returns will be accepted by the IRS starting Jan. 24, 2022.

People may be especially eager to receive their tax refunds this year due to the financial hardships caused by the pandemic.

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IRS: How much you need to earn to file taxes

People get refunds when someone paid more in taxes than they were required to pay.

They’ll also get refunds if they paid more in taxes on a previous bill than they needed to.

The IRS will usually send a check to correct the mistake.

In 2020 the average refund for Americans was $2,827.

What you receive as a refund is based on your own individual circumstances, and someone who made a lot of money but suffered loss of income will likely get money back.

Navigating filing tax returns with the IRS during a pandemic

The pandemic has caused many issues for the IRS over the last two years.

One way to avoid issues in 2022 is to file electronically.

The IRS will get your taxes faster to process and send your refund.

It’s also faster to choose direct deposit as your form of payment.

What documents will the IRS send me for taxes?

If you received child tax credit payments or stimulus checks it’s important to pay close attention to your return to be sure information is accurate.

The IRS will be sending letters detailing payments previously received to help with accuracy.

Some people did not receive payments they were entitled to, and their refunds will end up being larger.

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