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IRS: How much you need to earn to file taxes

Some Americans don’t have high enough earnings to file taxes, so many wonder what you need to make to file taxes with the IRS.

tax return forms for submitting to the IRS for a refund in blue and pink ink

2021 had a lot of stimulus payment opportunities, so this year it may be a good idea to file taxes even if you wouldn’t normally need to.

The IRS recently announced they would be starting tax season Jan. 24 this year.

IRS: What documents will the IRS send me for taxes?

2022 Tax filing with the IRS

The IRS is recommending that for 2021 tax returns, you file electronically.

This will help you receive your refund quicker.

People had more time to file last year after the deadline was pushed back. That is not likely to happen this year.

April 18, 2022 will be the final day that tax returns are due. This also the last day to request an extension.

If your earnings were below a certain threshold, you are not required to file taxes, even if you have kids.

In order to claim thousands in tax credits for your children, you should consider filing.

IRS: When will I get my W-2 form in 2022?

The IRS has income limits for filing taxes for different situations

If you make below these numbers and meet the criteria, you aren’t required to file taxes in 2022.

  • Single, under 65: $12,550
  • Single, over 65: $14,250
  • Married filing Joint, both under 65: $25,100
  • One under 65, Married filing joint: $26,800
  • Married filing joint, both over 65: $28,500
  • Married filing separate, any age: $5
  • Head of household, under 65: $18,800
  • Head of household, over 65: $20,500
  • Widower, under 65: $25,100
  • Widower, over 65: $26,800

IRS: Who am I allowed to claim as a dependent?

There are other reasons you may need to file a tax return with the IRS, despite income requirements

If you are self employed and earned at least $400 in 2021, you would need to file a tax return.

Anyone that owes money on special taxes, or earned at least $108.28 from a church or church controlled organization, has to file a return. This is only if the money was exempt from Social Security and Medicare taxation.

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