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IRS: What documents will the IRS send me for taxes?

People are preparing to begin their 2021 taxes soon, and the IRS is helping out this year.

IRS tax return forms to file for a tax refund with a yellow background

The IRS will start accepting tax returns Jan. 24, 2022.

It is suggested to start your taxes as soon as possible after all the economic changes from last year.

This include child tax credit payments and stimulus checks.

By filing sooner you can expect processing and refunds to happen sooner.

People also have a chance to claim any missed child tax credits or stimulus checks with the recovery rebate credit this year.

Stimulus: Payments worth $5,000 can be claimed

Letters from the IRS to make filing your tax return easier

The IRS is sending two detailed letters to help make the process of filing your taxes easier and more accurate.

Letter 6419

This letter started going out in Dec. and covers your details regarding any child tax credit payments you received.

Anyone that received payments will need to file their 2021 tax return to claim the rest of the credit.

If you did not receive the credit but were eligible, you can claim the lump sum on your taxes.

IRS: When will I get my W-2 form in 2022?

Letter 6475

This letter is for the third stimulus check.

The letter explains if you will be eligible to claim the recovery rebate credit.

The credit is pretty much the third stimulus check for anyone who may have missed it.

To claim the missed payment, you’ll need to file a tax return.

These letters will start arriving by the end of Jan.

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