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Fourth stimulus check: Petition surpasses 3 million

A petition started on has finally passed 3 million signatures calling for a fourth stimulus check from Congress.

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As COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly at the end of its second year, people are asking for a fourth stimulus check.

The petition asks for $2,000 each month to be sent to Americans until the pandemic ends.

The goal is 4,500,000 signatures.

The petition started in 2020 by restaurant owner Stephanie Bonin.

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What the petition for fourth stimulus checks asks for

The petition asks that qualifying adults get $2,000 per month and children get $1,000 until the pandemic ends.

The goal is to help struggling workers pay for their expenses like rent and groceries.

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Stimulus package worth $68 billion possible

Other 2022 stimulus possibilities

Earlier in the week it was said that Congress may pass another stimulus package, but for businesses.

The $68 billion dollar discussion would be to help struggling businesses failing and protecting the economy they boost.

Both Democrat and Republican lawmakers support the move.

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