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Stimulus checks: $600 and $2,000 approved for some

345,000 Americans can expect a new stimulus checks worth between $600 and $2,000 soon.

stimulus cash payment of twenty dollar bills

A vote taken in 2021 by the Navajo Council is sending these checks to adults and children out of a $557 million dollar relief fund for COVID-19.

Around 350,000 tribal members can expect these payments.

The vote passed with 18 yes’s and 2 no’s.

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By passing the law, tribal members can now purchase gas, firewood, and food during high rates of inflation.

These checks come just in time for winter, when goods can be expensive even without inflation.

Council Delegate Amber Kanazbah Crotty stated that the Navajo people should not need to suffer, wondering when the next time they see financial assistance will be.

Stimulus checks worth $1000s owed to Americans

The Navajo Nation CARES Fund Hardship Assistance Program had 7,500 unclaimed stimulus checks remaining from their first round.

This may be an error in address or application.

The program is designed to financially assist members of the Navajo Nation amid the pandemic.

Applications are not necessary for the second round of stimulus checks.

Any funds that the Navajo Nation has needs to be spent before the end of 2022 according to requirements with the CARES Act.

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