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SSI: Payment schedule for every month in 2022

SSI recipients have seen an increase for their monthly checks along with those on Social Security.

social security cards and cash for social security and ssi payments

The COLA was raised 5.9% in order to help offset the costs of inflation for those on a fixed income.

SSI recipients collecting benefits in 2022 have already received their first check for Jan. 2022 on Dec. 30, 2021.

Social Security payments dates for 2022

Schedule of social security benefit payments in 2022
Courtesy of the Social Security Administration.

Since the check dated in Dec. was for Jan. 1, 2022’s payment, recipients won’t see their next payment until Feb. 1, 2022.

SSI has gone up by around $34 for the average recipient.

This brings the monthly average payment from $587 to $621.

The maximum SSI benefit a person can get, according to the Social Security Administration, is $841 for one person.

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This means the maximum for an individual in 2022 would be $10,092 for the year.

Couples can make a maximum of $1,261 a month, or $15,136 for 2022.

While it seems like a large increase in theory, inflation has only continued to rise since the COLA was announced.

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Eligibility for SSI

In order to qualify for these benefits, individuals may not hold over $2,000 in assets and couples cannot have over $3,000.

In some cases seniors collect both Social Security and SSI.

The more you make from other wages, the lower your SSI will be.

Children typically get bigger payments if they qualify because they have no wages or other income.

Over 7.8 million Americans collect SSI.

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