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Stimulus checks worth $1,100 going out this week

For the next 7 days some Americans can expect a stimulus check worth $1,100.

Thousands of Californians can expect the payment in the next few weeks as the last batch of Golden State Stimulus II checks go out.

The checks are part of a program that benefits low income households that have been impacted by the pandemic.

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This final round is made up of checks worth $600 to $1,100 and will go out until Jan. 11, 2022.

In order to qualify, residents needed to have filed their taxes by the Oct. 15 deadline, be a resident for one half of 2020, and make under $75,000.

Who gets the Golden State Stimulus checks and when will they arrive?

Residents needs to have an AGI of $1 to $75,000.

This can include income from rentals, interests, retirement, gains on stocks, and selling a property.

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Anyone relying solely on Social Security with no other form of income will not qualify.

The last round started going out on Dec. 27 and will continue through Jan. 11, 2022.

The checks are going to residents who’s zip codes end in 928-999.

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Paper checks could take an extra three weeks.

Certain things may make it take longer, like payments requiring accurateness and completeness.

If you filed your taxes after Sept. 1, allow for an additional 45 days for processing.

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