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Will these Social Security changes impact you in 2022?

There are some major changes heading toward Americans who collect Social Security benefits in 2022.

For one, many will see a different amount they’re used to in their payments each month.

Thanks to the COLA increase of 5.9%, both Social Security and SSI recipients will be allotted bigger monthly payments.

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The increase was so high this year due to the rapid rate of inflation.

By increasing the payment for those on a fixed income, they can regain their purchasing power in the economy.

Over 64 million Americans currently use Social Security benefits and over 8 million collect SSI benefits.

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There are two increases happening that will impact people

There is a higher wage cap going into effect in 2022 for taxes

This means that a the amount a person has to pay Social Security taxes on is going up.

In 2021, Americans paid Social Security tax on the first $142,800 they earned.

In 2022 that amount will be $147,000.

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This means in 2022 $4,200 more dollars will be taxed in wages.

Working credit amounts for benefits have been increased

A credit in 2021 was worth $1,470.

In 2022 it will be $1,510 per credit.

You can earn 4 credits per year.

In order to retire you need to have 40 credits total.

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