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Over 800,000 stimulus checks worth $1,100 were sent out yesterday, who gets them?

800,000 checks were sent out to California residents yesterday, collectively totaling $575 million dollars.

Those who meet the requirement may see checks worth up to $1,100 from the Golden State Stimulus II program.

This round is made up of all mailed paper checks.

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The last round of direct deposits happened on Dec. 10. There were 9,000 deposits made, totaling $6 million dollars according to The Sun.

The checks going out now will continue to be sent through Dec. 31.

California stimulus checks worth $1,100

The Golden State Stimulus II program was started in 2021 as a way to help state residents.

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The program was modeled after the stimulus checks the federal government sent out to struggling Americans when the pandemic began.

There was a previous round of checks that went out to anyone that qualified and filed a 2020 tax return.

The second round of checks go to residents that filed their taxes for 2020 by Oct. 15, 2020, had an AGI of $1 to $75,000, wages under $75,000, resided in California for over half of 2020, reside in California when the payment is issued, and is not claimed as someone else’s dependent.

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Payments have been being sent since Oct. and will continue into Jan. of 2022.

The final batch started going out Dec. 27 to residents with zip codes ending in 928-999.

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