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Wedding photographer suit over anti-discrimination law tossed out

A suit against New York’s anti-discrimination law filed by an Elmira photographer has been thrown out.

According to published reports, Emilee Carpenter sued in US District Court, claiming the law’s provision that forces her to photograph same-sex weddings if she photographs heterosexual weddings violates her religious freedom. The suit named the state Attorney General’s office and Attorney General Letitia James as the state’s top enforcer of anti-discrimination laws.

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U.S. District Judge Frank P. Geraci Jr. ruled recently that the suit has no merit, writing in his decision tThe Court concludes that New York has a compelling interest in ensuring that individuals, without regard to sexual orientation, have equal access to publicly available goods and services, and that the Accommodation clause is narrowly tailored, as applied to Plaintiff, to serve that interest.”

Carpenter received legal assistance from the Alliance Defending Freedom.