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One Senator opposing Build Back Better plan could permanently end child tax credit payments

Families recently just received their final child tax credit payment Dec. 15.

Many were hopeful that under President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Plan, they would see another payment in Jan. 2022.

Families are not only still financially struggling, but are facing another new COVID-19 variant.

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The payments were worth up to $300 and sent once a month beginning in July under the American Rescue Act.

Biden wanted to renew them under Build Back Better, but Senator Joe Manchin has voiced his opposition, making it unlikely to pass.

He stated that he could not explain it to the people at home in West Virginia, so he could not support it and vote for it.

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The $1.9 trillion dollar spending plan would work to bolster childcare, healthcare, and climate change costs.

For the plan to pass, all Democrats need to vote for it, so Machin’s vote is necessary to its success.

Families being unable to receive these payments next year will continue their struggle. 30 million children were taken out of poverty thanks to the monthly payments this year.

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Though the final payment was sent Dec. 15, families can look forward to the second half of the tax credit next year.

This year, those payments that went out over a 6 month span were just the first half of the tax credit.

President Biden had admitted the plan passing before the end of the year was unlikely, but he had hoped it would still pass next year.

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