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Child tax credit payments unlikely to continue January 15; here are 5 ways to receive more stimulus payments

Millions of struggling Americans depended on the expanded child tax credit payments that officially ended for 2021 Dec. 15.

President Joe Biden recently admitted that the Build Back Better plan may not be passed in time for the payments to pick back up in Jan. 2022.

The amount was expanded from $2,000 per child to as much as $3,600 per child for 2021.

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This will expire Dec. 31.

The bill is probably not going to pass in time, so in the meantime there are still ways Americans may be able to benefit from stimulus related payments.

5 stimulus related ways to collect money

California is still sending out their Golden State Stimulus II checks to qualifying residents.

800,000 more checks were mailed by Dec. 17.

The checks will continue to be sent until Jan. 11, 2022.

The checks are worth $600 to $1,100 and going to residents making $75,000 or less if they file single.

Some states are issuing state tax refunds.

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Indiana is sending an additional $125 when residents file taxes in 2022.

The law in the state requires officials to pay taxpayers if the reserve totals more that 12.5% of the funding pot.

The refund was announced to be $545.3 million in July.

The last time residents received this tax refund was in 2013.

The Back to Work program in Connecticut is still paying residents until Dec. 31 if they returned to work and meet the requirements.

The payment is worth $1,000.

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Arizona and Kentucky also launched back to work programs.

One county in Texas is offering child care vouchers worth $500 per child.

They’re renewable for up to three months, so parents with three kids could see $4,500 in child care financial assistance.

The county offering the program is Fort Bend County.

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Finally, some Americans may be entitled to plus up payments.

These are for those that submitted their tax returns and the IRS noticed they were owed more in stimulus aid than they were given.

This could have happened because they made more money or did not have kids on their 2019-20 taxes returns.

The IRS based eligibility on out-of-date tax returns when disbursing the checks, and are making corrections now.

Checks are being sent through the end of the year.

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