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When will I get my 2022 tax refund?

Many people are wondering if the 2022 tax season will be normal again.

While the tax season is still months away, the likelihood of it being normal like before the pandemic is slim.

In spring of 2022 the concern for COVID-19 will still be around, and there are various changes in stimulus laws that will cause confusion.

Between now and then, new laws may even be created.

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What will likely be normal is the deadlines.

2020 and 2021 had various extensions due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, but with vaccines and a better sense of normalcy, April 15 will probably be the deadline.

The filing process may be closer to normal as well, meaning filers may see their refunds within a few weeks of filing.

Normally the IRS begins accepting returns during the last week of January, but legislation will likely push that back into February.

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2022 tax refunds

Many Americans see their refund in as little as two weeks when they file their taxes electronically and choose direct deposit.

If your refund is delayed or you want to know where it is, the Where’s My Refund tool or IRS2Go app can track it for you.

There are various factors that go into when someone will receive a refund.

This includes how early you file, which credits you claim, if you mail or e-file your return, or if you have debt to the federal government.

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2022 tax refund schedule

Here is an estimate of when you may see a refund according to CPA Practice Advisor. These estimates may change, and whether the IRS will still accept applications the last week of Jan. is still unknown.

Note: Add an additional 3-4 weeks if you expect to see a paper check instead of direct deposit. When you mail a paper return, it then needs to be manually entered into the IRS’ system.

  • File by Jan. 31, see refund by Feb. 11
  • File by Feb. 7, see refund by Feb. 18
  • File by Feb. 14, see refund by Feb. 25
  • File by Feb. 21, see refund by Mar. 4
  • File by Feb. 28, see refund by Mar. 11
  • File by Mar. 7, see refund by Mar. 18
  • File by Mar. 14, see refund by Mar. 25
  • File by Mar. 21, see refund by Apr. 1
  • File by Mar. 28, see refund by Apr. 8

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Keep in mind that those filing and claiming the earned income tax credit or child tax credit will see a delay into March. This is to verify the claim due to the common misuse surrounding them.

Using a CPA tax professional can ensure that your taxes are filed legally and the date you can expect a refund will be more accurate.

It’s encouraged by the IRS to electronically file in order to see your refund faster.

If you cannot file your taxes by Apr. 15, you may ask for an extension with Form 4868, which extends the deadline to Oct. 15.

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