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500,000 families are owed $375 per child this week, are you eligible?

Some families in the state of Alabama may see payments worth $375 per child after a delay lasting months.

These payments are part of the P-EBT, or Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer.

These payments are for families with kids in the National School Lunch Program.

500,000 children have been waiting for this payment.

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What is P-EBT exactly and who qualifies?

P-EBT benefits were created when children could not eat in school due to the pandemic.

The money aims to help families feed their children who are home all day.

The benefits were created for the 2020-21 school year with applications extended through Aug. 31 for the summer.

This means if you’re expecting overdue payments, make sure to keep your card because they’ll be loaded this week.

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Anyone in Alabama new to the program can expect their card in the mail within the next 20 days.

Every child enrolled will get a one time $375 dollar benefit.

This payment is for the summer when there was no summer school.

The extension and processing time caused the delay while the applications were processed by local schools and the state Department of Education.

The funds were supposed to go out in Sept. but did not.

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