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Here are 10 ways to help with money for Christmas shopping

Christmas can become very costly for some people.

This includes entertaining your family, dinner, travel, and gift expenses.

There are different ways to help with these costs and save money, as well as some states giving their residents stimulus checks ahead of the holidays.

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There are various agencies and non-profits that can help families in need during the holiday season.

Things like assistance for heat or rent, as well as clothing and winter gear are available.

While not everything will apply to every American, and there are deadlines that need to be met, there are some ways for everyone to save.

Here are ten ways people across the country are saving money for Christmas

State stimulus payments

Various states throughout the country are giving their residents stimulus payments.

California is giving residents payments based on their income.

Florida is giving bonuses to their teachers and principals.

Maine gave over 500,000 people who worked during the pandemic a one-time payment.

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Maryland gave residents checks if they filed for the Earned Income Tax Credit on their taxes.

Chicago and Los Angeles are both starting a universal basic income program for low income residents.

Louisiana is starting a financial literacy program for teens and young adults to help them learn how to manage money using banks.

HEAP assistance

There are assistance programs for people worried about being able to pay their heating bills.

Home energy assistance programs vary by state, but you can visit the website to see what they’ll help with.

Eligibility takes things like income, number of people in your household, heating source, age of children in the home as well as elderly, and whether anyone is disabled into account.

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Help with rent

Congress approved $25 billion last Dec. and $21.55 billion in March for rental assistance due to the pandemic.

If you qualify, you could get as much as 18 months of rent paid for.

If you already were approved but still find yourself behind, you can apply again for a different time period.

Expanded food stamps

Additional funding was provided for the SNAP benefit program to help those impacted by the pandemic.

The average benefits were increased by about $36.24 per person in Oct.

Some states have continued to offer additional benefits due to the pandemic worth up to $95 per household.

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What to do for your children

Many churches and agencies help collect toys for families in need with children.

Check with your local church or organization to see what requirements are necessary.

Many times you can find organizations offering toys and meals for families in need.

The Salvation Army is also offering help and families can apply for the help.

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