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A tax loophole is giving residents in one state a chance for more stimulus cash

Due to a tax ruling from the 1970s, California residents might get another stimulus check next year.

Millions have already benefitted from the $600 and $1,100 checks they received from the Golden State Stimulus II Program.

Checks for this program are still being sent out to residents with the final checks being sent Jan. 11, 2022.

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At the moment whether there will be a third round is unknown, but that old tax ruling may make it happen.

Proposition 13, passed in 1978, limits property tax rises.

If the state nears a specific level, the the funds should be returned to the taxpayers, according to political activist Paul Gann.

That proposal is now a law called the Gann Limit.

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The state’s budget is projected to have around $31 billion in surplus in 2022.

Governor Newsom of California has also stated his commitment to investing in infrastructure for the benefit of Californians.

He stated that he is proud of the historic tax rebate from the previous year and looks forward to making decisions in the best interest of the California population.

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