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Here are a few ways to save cash for Christmas if you’re on food stamp SNAP benefits

The USDA recently reported that 44 states opted to extend food stamp benefits in Nov.

A waiver was granted for diverse states, which allowed for emergency funds to be given due to the public health emergency caused by the pandemic.

Who can get food stamps, or SNAP benefits, depends on the state.

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Food stamps in most states are given to people with an average income up to 130% of the poverty line.

Most incomes that become eligible for benefits is somewhere around $12,880.

What are some ways to save money if you’re on food stamps and collect SNAP benefits?

You can save 50% with Amazon, meaning you’ll only pay for half the price of the membership if you’re on Medicaid or have an EBT card.

Amazon Prime comes with streaming and 2-day shipping.

YMCA’s offer a discounted membership with SNAP benefits.

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This includes youth programs like sports, child care, and day camps.

Museums often offer discounts with admission.

Those collecting SNAP benefits during the pandemic saw an average increase of about $36.24 per person.

Additional benefits were given to most people during the pandemic.

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