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What will my Medicare Part A cover in 2022?

Many seniors are enrolling in Medicare for their first time in 2022, and with all the different parts, there are questions.

Many want to know what Medicare Part A will cover or what changes they may face if they already have the coverage.

While many parts of Medicare Part A don’t look like they’re changing, differences with the finances might be happening.

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What does Medicare Part A cover and what do I need to pay?

Medicare Part A covers things like hospital stays, nursing facilities, hospice care, inpatient rehab, and certain services provided through home health care.

This part of Medicare has a deductible.

In 2021 beneficiaries had to pay $1,484 for inpatient hospital stays.

In 2022, it will cost $1,556.

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This covers the first 60 days of an inpatient hospital stay during the benefit period.

Additionally, beneficiaries will need to pay for a portion of the 61st through 90th day of a hospital stay.

In 2021 it was $371 per day and in 2022 it will be $389.

Lifetime reserve days will cist $778 per day vs. $742 in 2021.

Skilled nursing facility stays will cost Medicare recipients $194.50 per day for coinsurance between the 21st through 100th day. It was $185.50 in 2021.

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