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Medicare open enrollment: With two weeks left, here’s five things to know

Open enrollment has started for Medicare and there are only two weeks left before it ends.

Medicare is for people that are ages 65 and older, and you may first sign up three months before you turn 65.

The initial enrollment period is three months before and three months after you turn 65, when you can join any plan of your choosing.

You must have Parts A and B in order to choose a Medicare Advantage Plan. You need either A or B to join a Medicare drug plan.

The deadline for open enrollment ends Tuesday, Dec. 7.

Here are five tips to help you with open enrollment and signing up

First, check your mail. You might get notices from Medicare or Social Security regarding the upcoming changes.

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If already enrolled in Medicare, you’ll get what is called an Annual Notice of Changes letting you know changes in your plan.

Review your current coverage to determine any changes that might be necessary for 2022.

If you choose to keep your current coverage then no action in necessary to keep it.

Review your Medicare & You handbook that tells you what coverage is in your area to choose from.

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There is the option to view the book electronically through your online Medicare account.

You can also call health insurance counselors in your area or find online events to ask your questions.

Preview all health and prescription plans to see which option works the best for you.

This means look at all parts; Parts A, B, C (Medicare Advantage), and D. Compare costs for premiums and deductibles to make sure you’re choosing the best fit for you in 2022.

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Be aware of when your coverage begins. Your coverage begins during your initial enrollment period depending when the plan you chose receives your request.

If requesting to join before your Medicare begins, your plan starts the same day that your Medicare starts.

If requesting after your Medicare starts, your coverage will begin the first of the month after your plan gets the request.

You can only change Parts C and D during open enrollment.

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