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Here’s who can get an extra $1,000 stimulus check

Some Americans are eligible for a $1,000 bonus stimulus check if they’ve found themselves unemployed for eight weeks.

As part of Connecticut’s Back to Work program, checks started being sent to residents that qualify May 30, 2021. They’ll continue until Dec. 31.

There are specific requirements to qualify, including specifics on when a person filed for unemployment as well as how long they’ve been collecting it.

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Another requirement is that residents need to obtain a job before they can be eligible for the money.

Other states helping residents due to the pandemic

On top of collecting the final child tax credit payment, there are other states paying residents as well.

Florida and Georgia are giving their teachers and principals $1,000 as a bonus for working during the pandemic.

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In New Mexico, anyone who was not eligible for the first round of benefits can now apply for the next round.

Applications opened up Oct. 12 and the last round of checks that went to low income households were worth $750.

Tennessee legislatures passed a law that full time public school employees can get $1,000 and part time workers can get $500. This is to help them with the financial issues they faced during the pandemic.

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