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Eyal Edry, Moshe Edree, and Refael Edry (aka Rafi Edry) are touching lives and changing the face of youth upliftment

Eyal Edry, Moshe Edree, and Refael EdryThe world faced a crisis due to COVID-19, and so did Israel. Many employees had to take forced leaves, and some were even fired. Businesses closed their doors for a considerable time and had to bite the bullet.

Alongside them, children and teenagers also suffered significantly. They had to stay at home for a long time and missed going to schools and colleges.  Most of them had to go for online education, as that was the new norm for education. However, thousands of children around the country did not get a chance to be part of this new online medium due to the lack of computers at home.

Fortunately, there were people like Moshe Edree, Eyal Edry and Refael Edry, who tried to seek solutions for the problem. Their organization Ahinoam Association provided free computers to the children so that they could pursue their education.

A Humble Beginning

It often happens that people with a humble beginning try to create a meaningful life for others. The Edry brothers were born to a family living in Safed for generations. Hardship in early life made them seek every opportunity to change the livelihoods of the people around them.

In 1976 despite his willingness to continue school, Eyal Edry had to start working to support his family. He joined the IDF and had an accident that changed the course of his life. His journey as a paratrooper came to an abrupt halt due to the injury.

However, the injury could not deter the willpower and determination of Eyal Edry. He went on to complete a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and moved towards the business world.

The Edry brothers, over the last 30 years, created business opportunities that touched the lives of many. They have also been involved in social activities that benefit others, especially the underprivileged youth. Together, they formed the Ahinoam Association to promote equal opportunities for all. The organization is named after their father, and the concept reverberates through their flag, showcasing a fading reality in Israel.

The social activities spanned beyond the geography of Israel and supported even the youth of Western Africa. Their first-hand experience of the social struggles is what made them pursue the welfare activities with vigor.

Programs for the At-Risk Youth 

The organization Ahinoam Association by Moshe Edree, Eyal Edry, and Refael Edry works to identify the at-risk youth and helps to uplift their life from their current stage. Their mission is to target those unfamiliar with welfare organizations and pursue a new route for their life.

The program designed by Ahinoam helps to combine personal promotion, guidance, and support to have an independent lifestyle. The program is getting recognition from educational institutions for the meaningful value addition that the curriculum adds to the participants’ lives.

A custom-built personal work plan that gets tailored, as per the skills and abilities of the boys and girls who go through the process, makes it unique. The program also helps to provide a chance to integrate the key nuances from the job market and long-term guidance from early school days.

The program aims to help the participants overcome the barriers and challenges leading to a successful life. 

Financial Support for Those in Need 

Ahinoam Association helps to provide various scholarship programs for young students unable to continue their education due to financial stress. 

‘Do not leave anyone out of the classroom!’ is what the team at Ahinoam strongly believes in. It is also the reason for the development of the scholarship program. The Edry brothers work closely to make their dream of sending every boy and girl to school a reality.

Programs for Ethiopian Community

The Ahinoam Association started programs specifically for the Ethiopian community to promote the lives of young men and women who are making a mark in Africa. Ethiopia had a high young adult unemployment rate of around 25.3%. Depression is the most common public health concern and is impacting the society in Ethiopia.

The initiative of Ahinoam helps to improve the lifestyle of Ethiopian young adults by placing them in Israeli private and public sectors. 

Special project assistance for Army preparedness is a major feature of the program that helps the youth from an early age of 16. The development of mental and physical abilities along with improvement in leadership qualities are the headline attributes of this program. 

Around 95% of the graduates from this program are currently working in senior officer positions. The participants automatically get enrolled in Ahinoam’s scholarship program as they enter the academy. The support and assistance of the program remain till the candidate gets integrated into the labor market.

The Edry brothers are changing the lives of young individuals not only in Israel but in the rest of the world as well. While the various functioning governments left out the 400,000 children of education during adversities, the brothers are turning stones to make a change.

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