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Some Americans will get surprise stimulus checks for working certain jobs, are you one of them?

Depending on your state of residence, your line of work may get you a stimulus check within the next few months.

Many states are providing more stimulus checks as Congress makes it clear they probably won’t be.

Jobs like teaching, going to school, or even just returning to work, could get you some extra cash in the coming months.

These states are paying their residents based on what they do for work

In Florida, teachers and principals are getting $1,000 as hazard pay for committing to work during the pandemic.

In Georgia, money has been set aside to send teachers and principals $1,000 bonuses.

Michigan is paying teachers $500 hazard pay.

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Students in Ohio might get a cheaper education thanks to millions set aside for grants.

$13 million has been set aside to pay student teachers for their work in Oklahoma.

In Arizona if you just go back to work, you could be eligible for payment. Part time workers will get $1,000 and full time will receive $2,000.

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Connecticut is also paying people to return to work through their Back to Work Program. Checks worth $1,000 are being given to those who return to the workforce between May 30, 2021 and Dec. 31, 2021.

Tennessee is paying full time public school employees $1,000 and part time employees $500.

Vermont will pay for $7,500 of your moving expenses if you’re coming from the hospitality or construction industry and work in that sector.

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