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Is your state still providing stimulus checks or aid through December?

As Americans continue to seek an additional stimulus check, it looks highly unlikely that that will come to fruition.

Congress and President Joe Biden have been focused on the Build Back Better bill, which does not have a proposal for an additional stimulus check.

Data showed that the checks sent out after the pandemic began along with advanced child tax credit payments have helped Americans struggling.

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Those checks are likely spent by now, and as Americans continue to struggle, some of their states are stepping up to help their residents.

Here are some of the states sending their residents stimulus checks

The most recent check to be announced was Maine’s $285 Disaster Relief Payment. This started in November and will go through to the end of the year. Half a million residents are eligible for the payment and were chosen based on their tax returns. The money is a thank you for working the front lines during a pandemic.

California is continuing on with their Golden State Stimulus II payments where residents can get $600 or $1,100. Payments are set to continue through Dec. until all eligible residents have received one.

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Maryland sent $500 checks to their poorest families and $300 checks to their poorest single filers. This is part of a $1.2 billion dollar stimulus package they plan to utilize for three years. Any family with two kids and an income of $25,000 per year will be eligible for a $1,100 tax refund yearly.

There are also payments in the form of thank you bonuses or hazard pay. Many states including Florida and Georgia are giving educators bonuses for working during the pandemic.

Tennessee did the same in the form of a raise.

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