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Some people will get a surprise $1,400 stimulus check, do you qualify?

There are some surprise $1,400 stimulus checks still set to go out, but you need to meet one specific requirement to qualify.

A fourth stimulus check has not been announced, and may be unlikely to happen at this point.

Who gets the surprise stimulus checks?

If you’re a new parent that gave birth in 2021, you might be eligible for the stimulus checks that went to parents in 2021.

You will get the checks when filing for your 2021 taxes in 2022.

It will only be a small percentage of Americans who qualify for these checks.

Single taxpayers that make under $75,000 or couples that make under $150,000 and had a newborn in 2021 qualify.

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There is also one last child tax credit payment set to be mailed or direct deposited Dec. 15.

36 million families will benefit from the last child tax credit payment.

If President Joe Biden’s reconciliation bill passes, the tax credit will be extended into 2022.

There are still ways to benefit from stimulus money if you meet certain qualifications.

Renters struggling to pay rent due to the pandemic can check to see if their state is still accepting applications for Emergency Rental Assistance.

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