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Scammers use iPhone users to call and hack their bank accounts

Scammers are targeting iPhone users to get their two-factor authentication codes to be able to get into their Apple, Amazon, PayPal, and bank accounts.

Scammers have found a new way to try to get information from you through phone calls that will allow them access into your financials.

Vice originally investigated the claim, and said one of the calls says, “n order to secure your account, please enter the code we have sent your mobile device now.”

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After a code was sent to the person’s phone, they entered it while on the phone with the caller who stated the account was secured and request blocked. They also said not to worry about charges made to the account and said it would be refunded within 24-48 hours.

Scammers are using automated calls to get people to type in their authentication codes into the phone for their online accounts.

The scammers already know email addresses, passwords and numbers they may have gotten from somewhere else. When the call is happening the scammer is at the same time trying to break into your account to have the code sent to your device at the same time.

People are buying these bots to commit scams online and its only expected to grow.

Never give away personal information, always keep authentication codes to yourself, and call a company directly if a call concerns you.

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